Proposal for a Windmill in Point Arena


Windmill at the Art Center


The Windmill would be situated in front of the Point Arena Art Center, and made of bamboo, muslin and bicycle parts. It would be approximately 25 ft. high, and would form an archway as the entrance to the Art Center. It would be removed after six months.



Bamboo is a very durable, flexible and strong material. It is light-weight, wind, fire and water resistant. In the unlikely event that the structure collapsed, it could do little damage. A 25 ft. windmill can be lifted by one person. The bamboo structure would be anchored by 2 ft. rebar stakes, and tied together with strong cotton cord. I would like to identify a community resident to keep an eye on the structure.



The structure could be built over the course of one week, if Bodil and I build it alone. It would be preferable to involve community members and build it in two weekends. I'll need folks who can tie good knots.



Total expense would be around $300. The materials will cost approximately $200, and our traveling expenses will be around $100. I don't want the cost to interfere with the project, but I would prefer not to lose money.


Community Involvement

We are hoping that community members can provide a place to stay and some meals while we are working. We would also like help with the construction. One advantage of building it at the Art Center is that we can interact with passers-by. I look forward to that part of the project.



A windmill is a beautiful thing. A typical response to one of our windmills is "Wow ~ you could generate electricity with that!", which of course we could. We choose not to, and that forces people to ponder a bit. This windmill will generate psychic energy. If that inspires folks to create their own, and generate electricity, that would be great. Spending time with this sort of windmill is to become more aware of earth and sky; seeing how the ocean of air moves across the land reflected in the way the structure moves.


Larnie Fox



Bamboo Sculptures